This weekend is what the Baylor calendar calls “Fall Break”. Everyone here at wants to take a moment to let the Administration know how much we appreciate the thought that went into planning this specially-long holiday for Baylor students (yep.. we just thanked TPTB – check that off the list of things we never thought we’d do, even sarcastically).

Most college students across the nation are prone to over-study as the end of this week approaches, especially as the weather cools down and the outdoors beckon to be enjoyed. Thankfully we have a school that gives us permission to go and take a good, long, break from midterms and papers for the finer aspects of life…

You might be wondering what you should do for Fall Break? Well, aside from giving you an excuse to start your partying on Wednesday…. (if you’re a TKE you started partying last night [always trying to be one night ahead of the party.. but never grasping the fashionably late concept]).

There is a plethora of options that are set before you on this overly gracious amount of time off this weekend. Many students will go home for their fall break, in which many GBGs will be returning with five new outfits bought with Daddy’s Visa. There is also a Baylor tradition that never ceases to satisfy: one night camping trips. Nothing kicks off the fall season like one night in a tent. For the other half of you who didn’t know that people sleep outside purposefully, you’ll spend the weekend at your parents’ lake house with friends and if you’re a freshman, you’re going to invite people you’ve known less than two months of your life. You might will also invite the guy/girl that you think is interested in you, but in reality is interested in the idea of dating…. your friend.

So whatever you do this weekend, make sure you are taking time to remember the generosity of the University… Nothing like one day off when you don’t have class on Fridays.

And one last thing, we plead with you to take off Thursday and the following Monday to express just how grateful we are for that one Friday off. Thanks Baylor.

Baylor Guy #6 and #7

P.S. One. Day.