Sorry you had to wait until Tuesday to see our reaction to this last weekend’s game.

We figured posting that video was enough Baylor for you on a Monday.

Let’s get started, this week was stressful.

The first missed field goal.

Tech scores first.

Guy #4 coming back from the bathroom to discover we’re down 14-0.

Glasco Martin eases the bleeding.

They score. Again.

Levi Norwood somehow breaks wide open before halftime to make it a game.

Aaron Jones’ second missed field goal.

Nick Florence runs for a score to officially put us back in it.

The subsequent kick-off return…

Eddie Lackey takes it to the HOUSE.

They take the lead back.

After Lanear Sampson’s Man-Amongst-Boys catch on 3rd and long to save the drive.

Terrance Freaking Williams.

Phil Bennett after Chance Casey fell down in the end zone.

Chance Casey.

Aaron Jones ties us up!

The interception off of Tech’s helmet.

Aaron Jones comes out to kick a game winner after missing his previous two.


We score and Tech’s offense comes out onto the field.

Defensive stop to end the game.

Art Briles to Tommy Tubberville.

Terrance Williams next year.

When someone says the words “Johnny” and “Football” back-to-back as if it’s a name we’re supposed to use.

Our season.

- The BaylorGuys